Kvina verft

A port to the North Sea
- Ready for new opportunities

The greater Lister region offers numerous opportunities for companies looking for a suitable, affordable and sustainable base of operations for North Sea activities.

At the top of the list is Kvina Verft.

Kvina Verft at a glance

The location of- and infrastructure offered at Kvina Verft is ideal for any offshore- and marine activities. The booming oil and gas service industry of Stavanger is just an hour and a half up the coast. Going south, Kristiansand's thriving offshore drilling equipment hub is a mere hour away. The yard is perfect located for activities related to the southern North Sea, Baltic Sea or to the continent.

Excellent and shielded water access with great water depths, a non-intrusive location regarding noise- and light pollution and a close to proximity to hotels and other accommodation facilities are additional advantages.

The same goes for the areas close relations with a booming regional industrial development, which houses dominant players within the fields of hydraulics, advanced mechanics, steam and heat solutions, electro mechanical services and ship building. The yard is a proud member of Lister Alliance.

The yard can provide excellent opportunities for small- or large-scale rig maintenance work, production and maintenance of offshore tools and drilling equipment, supply base operations, offshore equipment storage and refurbishment, as well as its traditional role as a shipyard or ship maintenance. Fabrication of fundaments and assembly of offshore windmills are another opportunities.

A proud history

With shipbuilding and yard work traditions going back to the early 20th century, Kvina Verft has a long and proud industrial heritage to look back on.

For a number of years, the yard specialized in the construction and outfitting of advanced ship designs, with a highlight being the launch of the award-winning research vessel "G.O. Sars".

Following a restructuring process, the yard is now looking forward to new opportunities and is therefore seeking industrial players which could perform operations at the yard.

kvinaverft_euro(Sea launching of M/S Electron)